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60 min = € 65,-

90 min = € 90,-

outcall = € 35,-


Balinese massage is one of the traditional Indonesian massages. Originating from the island of Bali, this massage is unique because it utilizes a combination of techniques. It mixes massage, acupressure and reflexology into one session.

As with any massage, one of the main goals of the Balinese massage is a relaxed state of mind.

The Balinese feel that in order to have true relaxation there must be a good flow of blood and oxygen throughout your system. It is believed that when the blood and oxygen are flowing freely then the qi, or energy, will flow freely too.

Although the Balinese massage combines several different techniques it is performed on a massage table, just like any other massage.

Mental relaxation is only one of the goals of the Balinese massage. The massage is also designed to deeply relax tense muscle tissue. This is done by combining standard massage techniques like kneading, stroking, and skin rolling with gentle stretching.

Ideally, the Balinese massage will work every muscle in your body. The massage style employs a variety techniques to do just that, including acupressure movements such as press point and palm pressure, and standard massage techniques like sliding, long exploration, short exploration and kneading. This massage is not a delicate one, you can definitely feel it deep in your muscles.

What to expect with Balinese Massage:

It is this balance of massage, acupressure and reflexology that allows the Balinese massage to bring a release to deeply tense and knotted muscles. The massage works especially well on achy joints and muscle strains. In fact, sports injuries are often treated with a Balinese massage.

Along with eliminating muscle pain, Balinese massage has been reported to ease migraines, sleep disorders and breathing problems. The massage also greatly reduces stress and anxiety. Overall, this massage promotes complete mind and body health.

Benefits of Balinese Massage:

Reducing or eliminating pain

Improving joint mobility

Improving circulation

Improving immune system functioning

Increasing lymphatic drainage

Reducing depression and anxiety

Reducing tension within muscles

Increasing body awareness

For your convenience :

A quartz bulb warms you during the massage.

All oils are odorless and based on water which means they are easily removable/washable and don't cause allergic reactions.

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