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OIL MASSAGES (Swedish/Californian)

60 min = € 65,-

90 min = € 90,-

outcall = € 35,-

Oil are based on western techniques.

The is composed of movements that include fondling, kneading, flapping, clapping and vibration. All these movements are used to heat and provide flexibility to the muscles and skin to give an overall experience of deep relaxation.

The massage is applied directly to the skin, and a conductive material is used or an intermediate (oil massage). This helps to avoid irritating the skin by intensive contact and pressures.

The action of the is directly related to the attention, warmth and relaxation. This is a unique moment to cut stress and fatigue and to book a time for yourself.

Aside from the calm and deliberate touch of the masseur, the restarts and strengthens various physiological processes such as:

• of substances stored

• improved blood circulation in the skin (organs) and muscles

• Improved breathing and digestion.


For your convenience :

A quartz bulb warms you during the massage.

All oils are odorless and based on water which means they are easily removable/washable and don't cause allergic reactions.

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