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60 min = € 65,-

90 min = € 90,-

outcall = € 35,-

The Shiatsu Massage is a therapeutic technique which originates in Japan.


This form of treatment focuses on the promotion of physical well-being, mental and emotional.

A Shiatsu massage stimulates capacity for self-healing.The word "shi" means "finger" and "atsu" means "pressure."Shiatsu massage dates back 2000 years and is derived from the ancient Chinese acupressure massage.

As acupressure and acupuncture, Shiatsu in assumes that the body is made up of meridians. Each meridian corresponds to one organ. Meridians act as a channel of energy - good flow unhindered and balanced results in good health.

Pressure on energy points and energy lines of the body is the main techniques of Shiatsu, stimulating self-healing.

They also aim:

• to restore balance in the flow of energy,

• eliminate factors causing fatigue

• to result in overall good health and harmony of body and mind.

A regular Shiatsu massage can reduce accumulated stress.

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