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20 min = € 19,-

outcall = € 35,-

Among the advantages of we must mention the fact that sessions are shorter in time, it can vary from 15 to 30 minutes and there is no need to take the clothes off as well as it is not required to use oil, lotions or gels.


Chair massage puts the client in a position that helps to release tension and relax muscles more easily and naturally and it also makes it possible for the therapist to reach all parts that are commonly tensioned and maybe harder to access in the traditional laying position.

Even though it is based on traditional massage, there are some differences that have to be noted. Specific chair massage puts you in position, it is almost kneeling, supporting also your forearms, and chest. It may seem a strange position, but once you try it you can find out it is indeed comfortable and relaxing. It not suitable for pregnant women.   

The traditional massage can be traced back to ancient times, but massage chair is an innovation of our era that takes out the main roots of that therapy and adapts it to a modern lifestyle that has many stressed and tensed people that need muscle relief and mental relaxation.  

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