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30 min = € 19,-

outcall = € 35,-

The Heppiemassage is designed for children with problems of sensory integration (eg autism, ASD-NS syndrome, asparagus, Down syndrome), these children are often faced with much anxiety. 

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy and is reflected in the history of many cultures, it provides deep re-laxation of body and mind and thus allows the individual to gain a better resistance to such anxieties.

Research has shown that children who regularly have contact with others show better provisions to establish eye contact. Touch is also much better tolerated in some children, sometimes with the child even demonstrating his desire to be massaged by showing the bottle of massage oil to the masseur, thus promoting and encouraging better emotional behaviour.

The massage itself does not use any one specific technique; and in fact is a combination of different massage techniques. The massage can be done through clothing, but if possible on bare skin, with deep pressure techniques on large muscle groups and joints. A massage of the hands and feet, is integrated into the Heppiemassage.

We hope that the Heppiemassage can be another way to help children with autistic spectrum disorders, in a relaxed manner and could perhaps help to discover and make progress in understanding this re-markable field.

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