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60 min = € 90,-

90 min = € 135,-

outcall = € 35,-

Like most eastern healing practices, Thai massage is done using pressure points.

In Thai massage, both the giver and the receiver of the massage are dressed. The masseur uses his fingers, hands, knees, and feet. It also uses the body weight at which the pressure is exerted on the body of the recipient.

Thai massage helps to resolve blockages and improves flexibilit​y. During massage comfortable clothes important and the massage is done on a futon or mattress.

Thai massage is a massage technique where the therapist exerts pressure on power lines and stretching exercises. The body massaged worn in a variety of yoga positions during the massage. Thai massage is also known as the "yoga for the lazy". 


Thai massage helps to resolve blockages and improves flexibility. It refreshes the mind and body, promoting relaxation and Pain relief due to it making your muscles flexible and supple.To an ordinary Thai Massage seems painful and tiring. But if the is done correctly, you should feel no pain, but instead a sense of rest and relaxation.  

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